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One of our most popular women: Scarlett

Before there was 4chan, there was 2channel. Ahegao has fascinated our minds and captured our attention since the early 90s. We here at the DAO have fallen in love with our girls and we want you to come join us.

Ahegao DAO is a distributed autonomous organization built around erotic anime (hentai) culture. Our artists build beautiful NFTs based on our communities direction. We have bootstrapped ourselves as a team of artists, web and blockchain developers and have created a line of beautiful women that will make up our harem. In the beginning for our platform we will be building out a organization that allows our community to earn beautiful NFTs of all of our exotic women. Because this is a DAO we will hold community governance to set the direction of our platform. More specifically the community will be able to decide which women become our main stars. Our community decides their lives, their backgrounds, what they like and dislike, and most importantly what do they want to see next?

A key aspect of the Ahegao DAO platform is the utility brought through the AAH token. AAH is the native token of the Ahegao Dao platform and allows our users to vote on which NFTs we create next, including what women and what scene is being depicted.

DISCLAIMER: AAH is our platforms native token and holds no real world value.

Stay tuned for our next article on Token Distribution Event and how to get your first NFT!

Meet Donna.



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Ahegao Dao

Ahegao Dao


Erotic Anime NFT Community. You decide what happens next...