Legendary Farm Imminent!

Ahegao Dao
2 min readMar 25, 2021
Original Ahegao DAO Art

One of the hallmarks for our project will be our Legendary NFT Farm! This is where Ahegao DAO community members will be able to acquire our highest quality Hentai art. As you can see from above, we are busy working to build amazing art, and let us say you haven’t seen nothing yet!

Farm Details

Before the farm deploys this Saturday (07:00 GMT, March 27th) we wanted to provide the community with details so that they can prepare to get the most Legendary of NFTs. More specifically:

The Farm will be accepting Uniswap-V2 AAH/ETH Liquidity Pool Tokens:

Our Legendary Farms will be accepting a max of 550 LP tokens per Ethereum address. At the time of this writing:

  • 550 Uniswap-V2 AAH/ETH LP Tokens = 372K $AAH and .92 $ETH

In terms of the NFTs in our Legendary Farms we will have 3 classes or types of cards our community can acquire:

  • Legendary: These will require 30 days of staking 550 LP tokens (and may require a .1 $ETH fee depending on type). For Legendary cards that require Ethereum to purchase, 60% will go to the artist, and 40% will go to the Ahegao DAO treasury.
  • Ultra Rare: These will require 14 days of staking 550 LP tokens.
  • Rare: These will require 7 days of staking 550 LP tokens.

In addition we will have multiple color theme’s for our NFTs introducing an additional layer of rarity and variety.

In terms of drops we will be committing to dropping a new NFT card in our legendary pool every 2 weeks and will have special airdrops as they come.

Get Ready!



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