Initial NFT Offering (I.N.O.) *Updated*

Ahegao x Raptor Jesus collab

We here at the DAO are obsessed with Crypto-Currency. We also LOVE art.

In a first of it’s kind offering, the DAO will not be releasing a token directly, but instead we will be having a Initial NFT Offering. Each NFT will have unique capabilities in our platform AND will be able to be swapped for our native token $AAH.

DISCLAIMER | This is an experiment. Funds raised are for art only. The project may cease at anytime. These NFTs have no real world value. Do not expect to get money back.

Initial NFT Offering Details:

200 x Community Founder NFTs sold through OpenSea (whitelist members will be able to purchase 1 x 0.15 ETH each, the remaining will sell on OpenSea for a price of 0.15 ETH)

12 x Community Founder NFT go to the original artist (33% unlocked, monthly vest — 2 months)

12 x Community Founder NFT go to the team (locked for 2 months)

12 x Community Founder NFT go to the treasury

12 x Community Founder NFT for marketing and partnerships

Each Community Founder NFT can be traded for 1,000,000 $AAH tokens.

Swapping (Tokenization)

We have partnered with for our Initial NFT Offering (I.N.O.). The Ahegao DAO Community will be able to swap their Community Founder NFTs for $AAH (minus the 5% Tx fee).


We will have a farm on BSC, xDai and Matic (a first for any NFT farm) where you can transfer $AAH tokens to farm new Ahegao DAO NFTs by staking $AAH for new NFTs created by our project…

Early Roadmap…

For the next few months we will plan to continue dropping new NFT art in our Farms for our community to earn. We are in discussions with a few groups to determine how to bring additional utility to our NFTs, whether it’s staking our NFT for rewards, or other special powers. More is yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned!



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