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7 min readMar 31, 2021
Legendary Farm NFT

In this article we will give a detailed guide of how to acquire our NFTs in the Ahegao DAO farms. We will start with the Legendary Farm on Ethereum, followed by our Layer-2 Farms on xDai, Matic and BSC.

Scroll down to the “Step-by-Step” guide to start farming now!

Ahegao DAO NFT Farms

Ahegao DAO currently has 2 types of farms to acquire NFTs on our platform: Legendary and Layer-2. In each type of Farm there is a max amount of tokens that you can stake for points. The amount of points you generate per day is equivalent to the number of tokens staked. So for example if you stake 100 tokens you will generate 100 points per day to be used to acquire NFTs on the farm. It doesn’t matter how many other community members are farming, you will receive the same amount of points for the amount of tokens staked per day.

Legendary Farm: On Ethereum Mainnet. The Legendary Farm accepts Uniswap-V2 Liquidity Pool tokens for the $AAH/$ETH pair (more on this later). The Ahegao DAO Legendary farm is where you will find our highest quality Hentai art. The NFTs here require a large amount of time and commitment from our artists to produce. In addition NFTs in the Legendary farm are harder to acquire making them rare. The Legendary Farm has 3 types of NFTs:

Legendary NFTs

  • Unique NFT art, sketches, videos, and any new featured artists
  • Require 30 days of staking max LP
  • Only 10 minted of each kind

Ultra Rare NFTs

  • Consists of high quality and unique NFT art
  • Requires 14 days of staking max LP
  • Only 20 minted of each kind

Rare NFTs

  • Consist of our Series 1 cards in 2D with Ahegao custom frames, and other special drops
  • Require 7 days of staking max LP
  • Only 30 minted of each kind

The Legendary farm accepts Uniswap-V2 Liquidity Pool tokens for the $AAH/$ETH pair. This means that you need to go to Uniswap and provide liquidity in the form of equal amounts of $AAH and $ETH based on the current price. Keep in mind with liquidity pool tokens comes the potential risk of loss from Impermanent Loss, hence why our best art is provided in the Legendary Farm.

Layer-2 Farms: Our Layer-2 Farms reside on xDai, Matic, and BSC. Community members can use a bridge to move their $AAH tokens from Ethereum over to one of these chains. Our Layer-2 Farms only accept $AAH for staking, meaning that you will not have to provide any Liquidity. This also means that you are taking on less risk (especially) if the price of $AAH rises, you will retain that value.

The Layer-2 Farms each accept a max of 750,000 $AAH tokens for staking and each of the Series 1 NFTs require 5,500,000 points. Each series 1 card will have a total mint of 99 NFTs across all 3 chains, meaning each Series 1 NFT drop is only 33 NFTs per chain. So there is some strategy in determining which Layer-2 chain to send your $AAH for farming (in this case the least busy).

Step-By-Step Guide to Farming

Acquiring $AAH

Before you get started on Farming in the Ahegao DAO you will need to acquire some $AAH.

You can acquire $AAH on Uniswap HERE

Once you have acquired $AAH you can add to Metamask by:

  1. Clicking the ‘Assets’ tab
  2. Scrolling down to ‘Add Token’
  3. Selecting the ‘Custom Token’ tab
  4. Providing the $AAH contract address: 0x7a911c71144f4d5a00e4216b1c5b12d9571e9336
  5. Clicking ‘Next’, followed by ‘Add’
  6. You should now see $AAH under assets in Metamask

Legendary Farm — Ethereum

To get started farming, you will need $AAH and $ETH tokens in equal amounts relative to their $USD price. Currently our Legendary Farm takes 550 Uniswap-V2 liquidity pool tokens max for the $AAH/$ETH pair. To determine how much tokens of each you will need to max out the pool, you can do the following:

Go to the Uniswap-V2 page for adding Liquidity to the $AAH/$ETH Pair

Add Liquidity Page for $AAH

Add in an amount of $AAH you want to provide (and $ETH will automatically be filled based on the current price of $AAH). If you have enough $AAH and $ETH then click the ‘Supply’ button which will tell you for the amount of $AAH and $ETH, how much liquidity tokens you will receive. You can keep playing around with the numbers until you find an amount you want (equal to or under 550 as that is the max).

Adding LP Confirmation Screen

After you complete the transaction for supplying liquidity you will receive Uniswap-V2 (UNI-V2) LP tokens within your wallet. You can check this either Etherscan for your wallet’s address (under ERC20 tokens) or you can add this particular UNI-V2 tokens to your Metamask wallet (follow the same steps posted above for adding $AAH to your Metamask wallet).

The contract address for Uniswap-V2 liquidity pool tokens for the $AAH/$ETH pair is:


Now that you have acquired your UNI-V2 tokens you are ready to start farming! Head over to to the Ahegao DAO Website and select Farms > Legendary

Note: until our new website is ready you can reach the Legendary Farm directly from our Farm Provider (Unifty): HERE

Once at the Legendary Farm you will want to click the ‘staking options’ button and select ‘stake’

Staking on Legendary NFT Farm

Here you will be able to stake your UNI-V2 LP Tokens and start Farming.

Layer-2 Farms — BSC, xDai, Matic

To Farm on our Layer-2 Farms you will first need to acquire $AAH. Check the beginning of this farming section on details how to acquire $AAH.

Once you have acquired $AAH you will need to decide which Layer-2 Farm you would like to Farm on, some things to note:

  • BSC: The BurgerSwap bridge has recently been experiencing issues
  • xDai: We have a working bridge to move NFTs from xDai back to Ethereum
  • Matic: OpenSea will be supporting this blockchain for their platform

There are other considerations, such as which Layer-2 you are most familiar with that should also be taken into consideration. Now that you have acquired $AAH and determined which Layer-2 Farm you would like to Farm on let’s move our $AAH over to that chain.

Moving $AAH to BSC (note: the BurgerSwap bridge is currently having issues)

Go to and use the bridge to transfer $AAH from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (link).

  1. Go to and select > Bridge > bToken Bridge (link)
  2. Select $AAH token for your ERC20 to move to BSC. You can use the $AAH token contract here: 0x7a911c71144f4d5a00e4216b1c5b12d9571e9336
  3. Move from ERC20 to BEP20 and complete the transaction. For more details visit the BurgerSwap Medium article.
  4. Once the transaction is completed, switch your Metamask Network to Binance Smart Cain.
  5. Go to the BurgerSwap bridge and claim the equivalent $bAAH through the transaction.
  6. Check that you have received $AAH on BSC. $AAH on BSC Contract ($bAAH): 0x413dF12B0b52a7e9bf72febF0DC2Bb2fb9A7FE04

Moving $AAH to xDai

  1. Go to , on the left hand side select Ethereum Mainnet for network, and for token select $AAH, or use the token contract: 0x7a911c71144f4d5a00e4216b1c5b12d9571e9336
  2. Complete the transaction for moving from Ethereum to xDai by selecting ‘Approve’ and then ‘Transfer’
  3. Once the transaction is complete, switch your Metamask network to xDai
  4. Claim the resulting $AAH on xDai tokens from the website.
  5. Check that you have received $AAH on xDai, contract: 0x99deb53501ac9b1c9f386f628f284b5cd8b107b9

Moving $AAH to Matic

  1. Go to and select the Bridge
  2. Search for $AAH which has already been registered on the Matic website for transferring to Matic.
  3. Approve and then Transfer $AAH tokens to Matic
  4. Switch Metamask network to Matic and go to the website to claim $AAH.
  5. Check that you have received $AAH in your Matic wallet, contract: 0xaf9444bc9D6117121Aa108fC6c45835Be60E7d07

Now that you have your $AAH tokens on one of the above Layer-2 chains you are ready to start farming some Series 1 NFTs! The Layer-2 Farms accept a max of 750,000 $AAH tokens and each Series 1 NFT requires 5,500,000 points (or one week of staking max) to acquire.

You should now be ready to start farming! Head over to to the Ahegao DAO Website and select Farms > xDai/BSC/Matic Farms

Note: until our new website is ready you can reach the Farms directly at:

BSC Farm | Matic Farm | xDai Farm

Once you enter one of our farms you will find a option to start staking under ‘Staking Options’ button, select ‘stake’ and stake the amount of $AAH tokens you want to farm. Once the transaction completes you should be all set!

Unifty Farm

For the Ahegao DAO project we have elected to use Unifty as our farm provider. This has allowed us to rapidly deploy farms in weeks rather then months and continue to innovate on our platform as the Unifty platform innovates.

Bridging back to Ethereum

If you decide to exit the farm and bring your $AAH tokens back to Ethereum you will need to use the same process that was followed to get your tokens to the Layer-2 chain. For $AAH tokens on BSC use BurgerSwap, for tokens on xDai use Omni and for tokens on Matic use the Matic Wallet. Follow the same steps as you did above to get your tokens from one chain to another, in this case with the target chain being Ethereum instead of a Layer-2.

Please Note: you cannot transfer $AAH from Layer-2 chain to Layer-2 chain. If your $AAH resides on BSC, Matic, or xDai you will need to first bring it back to Ethereum before moving to another Layer-2 chain.

Happy Farming!



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