Ahegao is coming to Unicly!

Ahegao Dao
4 min readJun 8, 2021
Donna is taking over!

$uAAH will be listed on Unicly 10:00AM EST on Tuesday 6/15/2021

As everyone has come to expect from Ahegao DAO, we continue to innovate! From our Initial NFT Offering (INO) at the very beginning, to the work we are currently doing with partners like Harem to bring life to our anime ladies, to our latest release of a hentai comic across multiple-blockchains, we are always looking for new ways to grow.

We have been increasingly interested in the unique technologies around fractionalization of NFTs as we showed with our tokenization of the Donna Rug Community Founder NFT. More recently we’ve been incredibly impressed with the Unicly platform and the work 0xLeia is doing. Unicly allows the Ahegao platform to turn multiple collections and NFTs across contracts into a standard token $uAAH. This allows our community to control the destiny of the set of Ahegao NFTs that are used to back the $uAAH token.

$AAH vs. $uAAH

One of the questions that is going to come up is how the $uAAH token will work since Ahegao DAO already has its own native token. Our team has come up with a interesting way to continue to keep the value of the $AAH token while also taking advantage of $uAAH and rewarding our existing community.

We will back $uAAH tokens with all of the Safe For Work (SFW) Legendary NFTs that our team of artists creates. For all of the NSFW NFTs that Ahegao DAO creates and drops in our Legendary NFT Farm we also create a paired set of SFW NFTs that at this point have not been used or dropped in any farm. By taking advantage of Unicly and creating the $uAAH platform we will give new utility to our community. The majority of $uAAH tokens will be air dropped to our $AAH community members that are providing liquidity in our Legendary Ethereum farm or holding a Donna Rug Community Founder NFT, more details below.

$uAAH Airdrop

The $uAAH token will not be available for purchase (initially). It will be given out completely through a air drop. The ratios as follows:

  • 30% — Unicly (UNIC) holders
  • 25% — Ahegao DAO Liquidity Providers (Legendary Ethereum Farm)
  • 25% — Donna Rug Community Founder Holders
  • 20% — DAO Treasury

We will be air dropping half of all $uAAH tokens to community members that are either holding the Donna Rug Community Founder NFT or are providing liquidity through Uniswap.

We will be air dropping almost a third of $uAAH tokens to the top 100 $UNIC holders to reward the Unicly project.

We will reserve one fifth of the $uAAH tokens for the Ahegao DAO Treasury to be voted on by the Citadel. Most likely used for promotions and additional air drops.

In all cases the amount of $uAAH tokens will be air dropped in proportion to overall holdings.

The air drop snapshot will take place on 08:00 GMT 12/06/2021 and will be distributed shortly thereafter.

NFTs backing $uAAH

For the initial backing of the $uAAH token with Ahegao NFTs we will start with providing some of our most special women (fully clothed). As a special thank you we have created 100 mints of an SFW Ultra Rare — Alpha Akira NFT along with 100 mints of a SFW Legendary — Molly Matic animated NFT. Going forward we will mint 10 each of our SFW NFTs that we create in our Legendary farm and place within Unicly backing the $uAAH token.

To be clear, all of our SFW NFTs that are created (all mints) will now always land within Unicly. The effect being that holders of the $uAAH token own and control access to all of the fully clothes NFTs of our ladies we create. Whether they choose to create a new platform off of this or keep the NFTs for themselves only the $uAAH holders will have access to these NFTs no one else. Though we have a affinity towards our naked women, many folks in the crypto community have told us how they would like access to our SFW art and now we are able to deliver!

Bonus NFTs!

As an additional innovation and value backing our $uAAH token on Unicly we will be dropping 2 Donna Rug Community Founder NFTs into Unicly for the $uAAH token.

The Donna Rug Community Founder NFT is a special NFT in the Ahegao DAO platform that not only gives its holder unique abilities (mentioned here) but also is equivalent to 1,000,000 $AAH tokens. Yes you heard that right, so:

$uAAH will be backed by a NFT which can be swapped for $AAH

We thought this was a very interesting and unique dynamic we can add to our creation of the $uAAH token on the Unicly platform. It also gives real and immediate value to the $uAAH token as each Donna Rug Community Founder NFT is currently worth over 1 Ether or ~$3,000.

We will be participating in an AMA with 0xLeia and the Unicly team in the coming week, stay tuned for more details!



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