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4 min readApr 20, 2021
Short Term Roadmap

The Ahegao DAO Citadel has finalized a short term Roadmap to implement for our project. In this time frame we will be making some key changes to Ahegao that should allow our community members to engage further and drive expansion for the project as a whole.

Ahegao NFT Comics — Season 1 Farming

We will be creating our first feature length comic! This will include many of our ladies and some well known crypto stars as inspiration for our suspenseful story. Coupled with our special release of the only Hentai comics on blockchain we will also add farming of our $AAH token through the comics. Only a limited number of copies of the cover and pages will ever be made. The Comic as a whole will consist of 12 NFTs:

  • 1 Cover Comic Page NFT
  • 11 Comic Pages NFTs (each depicting 1–2 frames from the story)

The Ahegao Comics will be extremely rare and as such will come in 2 forms:

  • 1st prints — can only be found in Legendary farm. 10 per NFT.
  • 2nd prints — can only be found in Layer2 farms. 15 per NFT.

In addition at the end of Ahegao NFT comics farming, whoever has the 1st print cover and all pages within 24 hours will get air dropped our Donna Rug Community Founder NFT which is equivalent to 1,000,000 $AAH (currently worth ~$4,000).

Partnerships (Harem, New Artists)

Our partnership with Harem adds new utility and value to our legendary NFTs. We will be creating a new line of our Anime girls that displays them from the breast up (mugshot style) allowing Harem’s deepfake algorithm to control and make the anime girls say whatever they want. Owners of these special Legendary NFTs will be able to stake them in Harems platform for ETH.

We are continually adding new artists to our platform with SiCamal and an additional artist has recently signed on. We will continue to add more and pay them from our treasury. Taking our Ahegao DAO ladies and bringing multiple artistic interpretations to the project.

Donna Rug Tier Levels

We will introduce a new game mechanic to our platform giving value to the amount of Donna Rug our members hold. From 1, 2, 3+ the more Donna Rug Community Founder NFT you hold the more powers you gain.

  • Tier 1 — Hold 1 Donna Rug Community Founder NFT for 1 month
  • Tier 2 — Hold 2 Donna Rug Community Founder NFT for 1 month
  • Tier 3 — Hold 3 Donna Rug Community Founder NFT for 1 month

Tier 1

Tier 1 holders will receive all of the powers bestowed upon the original Donna Rug Community Founder, and detailed in our previous medium article. Specifically:

  • Fees: A % of fees collected from our legendary farm will be distributed to Donna Rug Community Founder NFT holders.
  • NFT Air drops: Donna Rug Community Founder NFT holders will receive unique Donna Rug NFTs air dropped to their holding wallet.
  • Alpha Access: to Ahegao Citadel where we will make important decisions based on community direction.
  • $AAH Rewards: Every month 5 randomly chosen addresses will receive 50,000 $AAH!

Tier 2

Tier 2 holders will receive all of the above, in addition:

  • $AAH Rewards: Guaranteed 50,000 $AAH per month

Tier 3

Tier 3 holders will receive all of the benefits of Tier 1 and Tier 2 holders, and:

  • Legendary NFTs: all new NFTs dropped in our legendary farm

Meme Contest

It’s time to get some memes and fun into the Ahegao DAO project. We will be funding multiple meme contests with prizes in $AAH through our treasury.

Meme Contest rules:

  • All memes created must be posted on the Ahegao Discord Meme Channel
  • All memes created need to be posted on twitter
  • All memes need to be legal (please do not post any questionable pictures). NSFW is okay but only legal women, nothing lewd.

Meme Contest #1–25,000 $AAH — 4 Winners

We will give 25,000 $AAH to 5 talented meme creators. These will be the top 5 choices from our pool of meme creations. A minimum of 20 submissions must enter with their unique memes for the top 4 to be chosen. Otherwise we will do best out of 5 for memes provided.

Meme Contest #2–50,000 $AAH — 2 Winners

We will choose the top memes that get the most attention. Any meme about our project that achieves more than 50 likes and/or 50 retweets on twitter will be considered in the running. If we have more than 2 memes tweeted by their original author that hit this threshold we will let the community decide.

Meme Contest #3–100,000 $AAH — 1 Winner

For this contest we are looking for the most visibility for our meme. Whichever meme creator is able to get their meme for Ahegao tweeted about by a Twitter/Youtube/Instagram influencer with more than 25,000 followers. Meme with the highest views wins.

Ahegao Metaverse/VR

Expanding our reach the project will now start building capabilities into Virtual Reality environments (targeting Decentraland and Somnium) including:

  • Virtual NFT Gallery
  • POAP Events with unique badges
  • Virtual Reality Ahegao branded objects
  • Ahegao VR user avatars based on our characters


We will be making multiple steps in outreach towards marketing. This will include a number of areas we will look to expand upon, including:

  • More Partnerships
  • Ahegao Overview Video & Farming Tutorial
  • Crypto Influencer Video Review
  • AMA
  • Twitter Influencers



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