Ahegao DAO — Meme Contest!

Ahegao Dao
2 min readApr 29, 2021

The next few weeks are going to be very special for the Ahegao DAO. In particular we will be:

  • Releasing Tier levels rewarding only our most diehard community members
  • Creating the first Hentai NFT Comics on the blockchain

So it’s time to get some fun memes into the Ahegao DAO project!

For the next 9 days (28/04/2021–07/05/2021) we will be hosting a meme contest for prizes

Meme Guidance:

  • Try to create something catchy, something a influencer would post or comment on
  • Think about the competition, how does $AAH moon over others
  • We love any memes that feature our beautiful Donna Rug or our ladies
  • We are promoting our project release of our new Hentai NFT Comics

Meme Contest rules:

  • All memes created must first be posted in our Meme channel on Discord (but feel free to share in our General channel on Discord as well as our Telegram channel)
  • All memes need to be appropriate & legal (please do not post any questionable pictures or content). We will take it down immediately.

1st Place — 100,000 $AAH (worth ~$548 at the time of this writing)

2nd Place — 50,000 $AAH (~$274)

3rd Place — 25,000 $AAH (~$137)

Wildcard — Special Donna Rug NFT (typical worth ~1 $ETH on OpenSea)

The top 3 memes posted will be chosen by Donna Rug Citadel members and 1st , 2nd, 3rd place will be determined through voting in the Ahegao DAO Telegram channel. We will require at least 15 unique entries into the meme contest to pick winners, so please get the word out!

Our wildcard will be special. We want to use our memes to help promote the project. Whichever meme is able to get a retweet and comment from Crypto Twitter Influencers with over 30,000 followers will receive a special air drop NFT including our famous Donna Rug.

Let the contest begin!



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