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Donna is taking over!

$uAAH will be listed on Unicly 10:00AM EST on Tuesday 6/15/2021

As everyone has come to expect from Ahegao DAO, we continue to innovate! From our Initial NFT Offering (INO) at the very beginning, to the work we are currently doing with partners like Harem to bring life to our…

Ahegao NFT Comics — Series 1 Cover


The Ahegao DAO is delighted to debut our all new, crypto themed series of NFTs presented in an incredible comic strip format! Each of the comic styled NFTs in the series will tell the compelling story…

NFT Wars & Ahegao DAO!


The Ahegao DAO is extremely excited and proud to be partnering with the amazing team at NFT WARS to provide our community with a fun, unique and completely new utility for any of our NFTs to date!


The next few weeks are going to be very special for the Ahegao DAO. In particular we will be:

  • Releasing Tier levels rewarding only our most diehard community members
  • Creating the first Hentai NFT Comics on the blockchain

So it’s time to get some fun memes into the Ahegao DAO…

Ahegao DAO member — Donna Rug

In this medium article we will be detailing the Donna Rug Community Founder Tier levels that were announced in our roadmap.

The Ahegao DAO Tier levels require each community member to hold a Donna Rug Community Founder NFT. These can either be purchased on OpenSea.io

Short Term Roadmap

The Ahegao DAO Citadel has finalized a short term Roadmap to implement for our project. In this time frame we will be making some key changes to Ahegao that should allow our community members to engage further and drive expansion for the project as a whole.

Ahegao NFT Comics — Season 1 Farming

We will be creating…

The Original Donna Rug

The Ahegao DAO platform has been growing at a rapid pace! In the last month we have:

  • Re-branded with new token logo and website
  • Released our Legendary farms on Ethereum
  • Hit over $230,000 in liquidity in Uniswap

One of the key aspects of the platform is the Donna Rug Community…

Legendary Farm NFT

In this article we will give a detailed guide of how to acquire our NFTs in the Ahegao DAO farms. We will start with the Legendary Farm on Ethereum, followed by our Layer-2 Farms on xDai, Matic and BSC.

Scroll down to the “Step-by-Step” guide to start farming now!

Ahegao DAO NFT Farms


Original Ahegao DAO Art

One of the hallmarks for our project will be our Legendary NFT Farm! This is where Ahegao DAO community members will be able to acquire our highest quality Hentai art. …

One of the things we hear often in the community is how much our members love the art. WE DO TOO! Thank you so much for your support and gratitude to our team and artists.

One of the ideas we have been toying with throughout the creation of Ahegao is…

Ahegao Dao

Erotic Anime NFT Community. You decide what happens next...

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